Skype Therapy


Dr. Danielle Sheypuk is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the psychology of dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality particularly among members of the disabled community.  She has a significant amount of clinical experience treating a wide-variety of mental health issues including anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, substance abuse problems, traumatic experiences, matters of grief/death/dying, and self-esteem improvement.

Dr. Sheypuk is on the cutting edge of therapeutic intervention offering consultations and treatment via Skype. The Skype method of therapy is different than traditional office-based therapy in that it is conducted over the internet and allows the client to stay in their own environment. This is especially useful in cases where the client is physically disabled and it is not easy or convenient for the client to be physically present in the office or clinic. Therapy through Skype allows for good therapeutic rapport to be established enabling the useful communication of empathetic insights and the delivery of effective interventions.

Skype Therapy

Skype is a no-fee, Internet-based video conferencing application that streams via most computer operating systems worldwide. Its simplicity of use and high-quality transmission is best experienced via a high-speed internet connection. You will need to have installed a web camera and audio speakers. Many webcams come with a built-in microphone.

If you don’t already have Skype, click here to download it.

Skype sessions are conducted in the same way that office-based sessions are conducted. Communication by Skype is encrypted and decrypted automatically, and therefore all of your communications with Dr. Sheypuk via Skype will be confidential.

If engaging in a Skype Therapy session, Dr. Sheypuk recommends that you try to create a private space free from distractions. It is recommended also to use a headset for increased privacy.

The sessions can run to as few, or as many, as you require. You can always cancel an appointment or request another. Consultations are confidential, and you can freely talk about any issue.


The fee scale is $150 per 50-minute therapy session. In some cases where a special need has been established, a reduced rate may be negotiated. Dr. Sheypuk will be accepting Cigna insurance in July 2014.  All therapy is rendered on a fee-for-service basis.

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Consultations over Skype are pre-paid. Dr. Sheypuk accepts PayPal, which accepts major credit cards. You can click on the PayPal button to make a payment.